Haiku of the Day

We had a little bit of snow today and my wife took this picture of the bamboo bench on our porch. When her sister commented that there is a haiku in there somewhere, I was inspired to whip up this one. The description may not exactly match the photo, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration…


Waning autumn days;
bamboo bench buried beneath
freshly fallen snow.



This weekend my wife and I celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversary. To honor the occasion I thought I’d share a little poem I wrote for her while we were dating.


One day I decided to leap
away from the Earth,
abandon caution
and walk on the stars.

Gravity tried to push me back
but I broke through
and rode a comet
to the edge of the universe.

There I met you
and knew I’d found heaven.

Jen and me in 1998.

Mosquito Haiku Cycle

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something to the creative writing section of my blog, so in honor of the large, nasty mosquitoes that have already begun assaulting us on our patio (looks like it’s going to be a bad mosquito year), here is a haiku cycle devoted to the abominable bloodsuckers (a slightly modified version of one I wrote back in college).

Humid August dawn;
mosquitoes swarm into black
carnivorous clouds.

Mosquitoes cling to
saturated swimmers;
August afternoon.

Damp August darkness;
voracious frogs devour
fleeing mosquitoes.

All of the haiku I have posted so far have dealt with worms, crickets, and mosquitoes. Perhaps I have some sort of insect fixation. 😉

Cricket Haiku

As the weather continues to warm around here, it won’t be long before the songs of crickets are once again dominating the night.  In anticipation of their return I thought I’d share this haiku, which is excerpted from the same haibun as the worm haiku I shared earlier:

Rapid little bells—
Crickets sing under the stars
through razor-cold wind.

The “razor-cold” line may seem an odd choice when discussing creatures of the summer, but I promise you it makes more sense in the context of the larger haibun, which I should probably get around to sharing one day. 🙂