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Story Cartel and the Search for Reviews

One of the biggest struggles for an indie author is getting people to review your books on Amazon and other book retailers (I even have trouble getting people I know personally, and who have given my novel extremely positive feedback, to … Continue reading

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Remembering Heidi on Her Birthday

I’m re-posting this in honor of what would have been Heidi’s 17th birthday, along with an expanded tribute video incorporating footage that I found since the original post. We miss you so much, baby girl. Not a day has gone … Continue reading

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My First Novel: The Long Road to Publication

I’m pleased to announce that my debut novel The Eyes of Mictlan is now available for purchase at Amazon in both Kindle (eBook) and paperback formats. The Kindle version is $2.99. If you do not own a Kindle, Amazon has … Continue reading

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Dear Heidi

We fell in love with you from the moment we saw you on that wintry day back in 2000. While all of the other dogs up for adoption were jumping around in their crates and barking, you were just lying … Continue reading

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Looking Back

As 2013 winds to a close, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the past year, during which this blog has come a long way: on this day last year I had three … Continue reading

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